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August continues to be an interesting month.

In the beginning of the month, I was in the Carpathian Mountains. The children of the Dobromel orphanage were in different camps throughout the region. Most were in the village of Yacinya, 3050 feet above sea level. They were located in a beautiful setting, surrounded by scenic foothills. We drove four hours to be with them for a couple of hours. It was the highlight of their camp. We did an AWANA program (children’s ministry) for them.

Volodya has been ministering to the children at Dobromel orphanage for eight years. When I visit the children, I stay with his family in Borislav. This visit, I learned more about the economy of this area. They haven’t had hot water in their city for fifteen years.

Back in Illichevsk, I was having adventures of my own with the dentist. She is a very good and gentle dentist. But just in case, I always tell her a joke to put her in a good mood. I guess that the economy has been such a challenge, it was not always affordable to pay for a pain killer. This was a big surprise for me. While you are there, be sure read The Seashell Girl. I’m sorry for those of you who don’t use computers. Maybe a friend could print it out for you. Or, maybe I’ll put my blog stories in a book in the future.

I think that it was in the fall of 2003 that I was in Saki Crimea for the first time. During that visit I met Vanya. I wrote an article about him entitled, “Waiting for a Miracle.” During an operation soon after his birth, a nerve was accidently cut. This nerve controlled the muscles that allowed him to turn, or evert, his foot to the side. This left him with what is commonly known as club foot. He has been on my mind all of these years. He is 12-years-old now, and on August 25 I will visit him and his family. I will share what I know and have learned these past six years. I’m not sure what kind of miracle will happen, but I think this will be the time that God will bless this child in a special way. I’ll let you know the results next month.

Through the hearts of those who support MUCH, we know that God is moving through our efforts. Through the results of our efforts, we know that God wants us to continue. My wish is that you could see the faces and hear more of the stories from the mouths of the people whose lives are being changed by MUCH.

Blessings of love and healing,


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