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“Thank you very much. I am very appreciative to your help. You can’t even imagine how great your help is for us,” said a mother whose child is a patient of the clinic.

Mark and I met this woman at the clinic when she brought her child for massage. Her son, Vladik, is a lovely boy of 3-years-old. When he was 1-year-old, doctors diagnosed him with bowed legs and pigeon- toed feet. For his mother “a new life” began: she visited different doctors and different clinics. Every advice was a new hope for her, but she didn’t see any progress. Her child couldn’t walk well. When he walked he often fell down. Some of the doctors told her to legalize her child’s disability for future financial help.

A year ago, she was advised to go to Kharkov, in north eastern Ukrainian, to see the doctor who specialized in this diagnosis. The doctor prescribed for Vladik to wear high orthopedic shoes for three years, receive massage, and some other treatments. The mother followed the doctor’s direction. She found a private masseuse, but it was difficult financially for her family budget to pay for private massages. Besides massages, she has to bring her child to Kharkov several times a year to see the doctor. To do it several times a year is very difficult financially for her family. Recently the doctor prescribed Vladik to wear other high orthopedic shoes for sleeping time. That pair of shoes cost 1000grevnya, (about $120).

Once when she and her child visited the local doctor, he advised her to address to the social department where she could get some help. At the department, she was told about the MUCH clinic, where experienced masseuses work and where her child could be helped.

Today her child is one of the children who get benefit from the MUCH clinic. His mother is sincerely happy because she sees the real help for the physical condition of her child and her family budget. The doctor whom they visit has a hope that Vladik will wear special orthopedic shoes less than 3 years, because of positive results.

The desire of my heart is to join Vladik’s mother and say, “Thank you,” to those who support MUCH and help dreams become a reality!

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