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Hello family and friends,

The good news is that Sveta’s arm is healing up very well. She had the metal rods removed July 24, and has been learning to rehabilitate her arm. It has been an emotional challenge for her,trying to understand the pain and swelling that sometimes go along with self-directed occupational therapy. She is on the high side now, so that is good.

A Little History

In 2002, I started a clothing program at the Marganets Orphanage.

In 2004, MUCH was created and we initiated the massage therapy program in Chernomorsk.

In 2007, MUCH started the transportation scholarship program in Chernomorsk.

From 2007 through 2017 MUCH has completed many projects improving environment and education for children in towns and villages in Ukraine.

What is the main work of MUCH in 2018 forward? Our biggest contribution to the children of Ukraine is the massage therapy program. In September, we will be working with forty-two children. To make this happen, MUCH must raise $900.00 each month. This will pay nine massage therapists located in four cities and one village across Ukraine.

Tanya visits the homes of the MUCH children for whom she provides massage therapy. Before she began working for MUCH, she had retired from twenty years of adult massage therapy in a hospital setting. She saw patients in private practice at her home as extra income to supplement her pension. When we met with her, the passion to work with children who had disabilities blossomed.

You may ask how parents learn about her. Word of mouth travels fast among parents who have children in need of quality treatment. Beginning in 2007, Tanya showed her skill, compassion, and loving personality toward children with serious medical needs. For eleven years, Tonya has been changing lives of children and their families. She brings hope and good results, month after month.

Sveta’s Journey

Vanya is one year old. During childbirth, he experienced asphyxia. Vanya is diagnosed with muscle myopathy. Myopathy is characterized by weakness or muscle atrophy. The child was constantly in a lying posture on his back. Subsequently, Vanya may develop scoliosis. It is also likely that he will become susceptible to pneumonia due to poor mobility. Massage treatment and breathing exercises are two of several therapies that Vanya is receiving. It takes a long time but his parents do not despair.

In August, Vanya received his first course of massage therapy. Tanya saw good results. His muscles are slightly strengthened and now he can take two steps without the support of his parents and stand two minutes holding on to the sofa. This is a good result. Tanya will continue to work with Vanya.

Lena was born after caesarean section with a weight of 1 pound 10 ounces. She spent a month in the intensive care unit in need of an artificial breathing apparatus. Now the child is five months old and weighs about 8 pounds 13 ounces. Lena’s doctors gave several diagnoses, two were myopathy, and torticollis.

In August, Tanya gave Lena her first course of massage therapy, which showed good results. Lena has no a muscle spasm, she tries to keep her head in a raised position. Thanks to you, dear friends! Because of your help Tanya will continue to help this little girl grow stronger and develop correctly.

Max is three months old. He went through a caesarean section and doctors diagnosed a muscle spasm and torticollis. Parents, in time, turned to Tanya. We see the result: now the baby has no torticollis, the muscles are normal and the development of the child is excellent in all respects!

How important it is to recognize and start the right treatment on time! Thanks to all who help our children!

Our focus on early intervention is bringing great results like Max. Sometime, the problem can be corrected in one course of massage therapy!

Living my dream,


Mark’s Moments

As I was working on this newsletter, an article about the conflict in eastern Ukraine popped up. Take a look at the story that suggests there is unrest between the separatists and Moscow. The leader was killer in an explosion at a cafe in Donetsk.

There has not been any evidence of problems in our area and west. We don’t believe the danger has past. Life goes on, keeping one eye on the periphery. We look to God Who called me here to serve the children. We live one day at a time.

Bringing healing to Ukraine,


Blessings of love and healing,

Mark and Sveta

You can see all of our videos at our YouTube channel.

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