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Hello family and friends,

Your contributions to MUCH are helping Ukraine move forward and improve as a country of freedom!

Did you ever say to yourself, “Wow, I wish that I could impact a child’s life the way that he/she is doing! Unfortunately, I’m locked into my job and lifestyle.”

Friends, I understand that completely. Before God called me to Ukraine, I thought the same. In fact, the Bible verse where Jesus says, “… sell your possessions … and come follow Me,” was my favorite verse from my childhood. It left me with the question, “How do I do this?” At age 44, I began to understand what this meant for my life.

Interestingly though, I could not do this without the financial help of people like you. Come follow Jesus with me through your financial gift.

Sveta shares this story of a one-year-old child that MUCH sponsors who is having great success. Consider answering the call of Christ, “Come follow ME,” by contributing $36 a month to sponsor Andre’s massage and physical therapy treatments.

Sveta’s Journey

A year ago Andre was born when his mother was only six months pregnant. This premature birth escalated when his parents were in a car accident. The boy’s mom spent four months with Andre in the hospital. Doctors saved the life of this child, but during the medical care they gave him more oxygen than was needed for the baby. This led to the rupture of one lung. Andre also had a cerebral edema.

From the age of six months, his parents brought their baby to Dr. Natalia’s rehabilitation clinic. Now Andre is on a permanent monthly massage and physical therapy treatment program. Andre’s parents are seeing good results and continue to believe that God will restore the health of their child. Dr. Natalia and her team continue to work intensely with Andre. Neuropathologists are constantly surprised at his results. And we rejoice and thank God for this baby!

When Mark and I met with Andre’s father who brought his boy for treatment, we saw great hope and faith in his eyes. He is very grateful to the MUCH sponsors for the rehabilitation program for his little son.

Here are the results to date: Andre smiles, reacts with emotion to light, and to sound. He turns his head in response to voices. He tries to keep his head in a raised position longer and longer. He starts to sit with support. Supporting his body on his hands and knees, he makes attempts to crawl correctly. The results are clearly positive, to which everyone is surprised.

Dr. Natalia wrote:

“A huge thanks to each of the kind and sympathetic people from MUCH!”

Living my dream,


Mark’s Moments

One of my projects this summer is to build a corridor for our front door. I’m ready to finalize the foundation and pour the floor. I’m waiting on supplies. Building the walls should be quick and easy.

I have been working on my second project for three summers. I want to complete the AAC block insulation this year. I hope to complete both projects by the end of September. Life seems to always be getting in the way.

A friend stopped by last weekend with his video drone. He took a 20 minute aerial video of our property and neighborhood. Sveta and I are building friendships in our community of Balabanivka, the southern city limits of Mykolaiv.

As we continue our MUCH mission, we seek a vision for our new mission as retired people in seven years. We want to minister to the people of our neighborhood community in some way. (Matthew 9:37) “… the harvest is plentiful, the workers are few.” Balabanivka is waiting for more workers to claim this community for God. Our property is the corner lot, left of center, with the small house.

We have a vision for how our home and property can be used for the Kingdom of God, so we continue to improve what God has given us for service to others. See how our house and property looked when we bought it. We have improved it step by step each year.

Our neighborhood has a mix of retirees with soviet mentality, and young families with the mentality of freedom and entrepreneurism. A number of new construction homes are in process. Some have been waiting for years to be finished. Twenty-seven years of freedom is changing the way people think, live, and dream.

Until next time,


Your contributions to MUCH are helping Ukraine move forward and improve as a country of freedom!

Blessings of love and healing,

Mark and Sveta

You can see all of our videos at our YouTube channel.

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