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Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, a church in Choromorsk, Ukraine is thankful for freedom. Even in the midst of war, they know in their hearts that they are free. They shared, “We thank God for our freedom.”

The youth of this church created a theatrical performance entitled, The Exit of the Israelites From Egyptian Slavery. In this Biblical story, the people struggled to understand the meaning of freedom, the price for freedom, and that freedom is not always seen, but rather remains as a state of mind.

The freedom of the Ukrainian people has been growing for one hundred years. It is now at the point of claiming total ownership when they have complete victory of this war with Russia.

In Ukraine, Thanksgiving is not a national holiday. Even so, many Christian churches celebrate what is called “Harvest”. Not much different than the origin of Thanksgiving in America, the autumn harvest vegetables are on display. This is a time to rejoice and give thanks to God for the produce from the land. It is fitting for Ukraine to be thankful in this way. They are the breadbasket of the world. Farming is the heart of life in Ukraine.

May everyone on this day of Thanksgiving, find something in your life to be thankful for!

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