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Our Christmas Fundraiser

Was a great success.

Because of your generosity

We were able to raise over $10,000.00.

Christmas Gifts in Use! 30 stoves with vent pipes and 12 tons of briquettes (made of sunflower stalks) for villagers in Afanasyevka and more…

The Russian soldiers blew up the Kakhovka dam in Ukraine and flooded the village of Afanasyevka. This village is made up mostly of retirees with very limited money. Their homes are made of stacked stones and the joints are filled with straw and clay. The homes were under water for a week which loosened the straw and clay and washed much of it away causing the structure to weaken and shift so the windows and doors don’t close properly. The water short-circuited the electrical service and destroyed their appliances. The flood waters contaminated their wells, and the dampness created an environment for mold and mildew.

12 Tons Of Bagged Briquettes Delivered
Cooking, Heating, And Drying Out The House

Your donations enabled us to help the villagers of Afanasyevka. We purchased 30 stoves with vent pipes. When the stoves were delivered, we realized that the village is in a low-lying meadow where wood is scarce. We were able to purchase twelve tons of briquettes (made of sunflower stalks) — enough to last 30 homes through the winter. Now these homeowners will have heat and the ability to cook hot meals. Also, the heat from the stove will help to dry out the houses.

In addition to the stoves, we raised enough money for six months of fuel for the van that delivers clean water to the village.

We even had enough left over to provide relief to five families whose gas and electricity was going to be shutoff. Also, a new dough mixing machine will be provided for the bakery that Andrew and Tanya operate. Through the bakery, they feed many people, free of charge!

Thanks to all of you who donated so generously and made it possible to help these deserving people make it through a harsh winter.

The true value of these gifts that MUCH has provided with your support!

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