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I wish that every reader of the Newsletter had experienced what I did at the Christian camp. It was a great time for many children, especially for children from difficult homes (from the Christian club “Emmaus”) and for the children from the orphanages.

Every year, the Illichevsk Baptist Church holds a Christian camp for children. The goal of such a camp is to tell children about Christ. Most participants of the camp are children from difficult homes and children from orphanages of the Odessa region. And it is very important for these kids to know that there is One who loves them very much, and He is ready to listen to them and understand them.

Each year the subjects of the camps are different. Last year it was “Egypt”. There was even an Egyptian Pharaoh who made the people of Israel (children and their leaders) make bricks and other works for him. During that camp the children not only found out the history of Israel in Egypt, but also learned to trust God.

This year the subject was “The early evangelical church”. Together with Saul who later becomes Paul children experience how to live in an ancient city where they are trade makers. Also they experience persecutions and God’s love toward them. The camp lets children feel the real life in the beginning of the first century. For me it was a real blessing to see how children responded to the improvisation of the early church. I visited the camp for children from 10 till 12 years old. I enjoyed watching them while they were making different things with their hands to sell for their emperor (local mayor), or how they were participating at the worship services on the beach during the time of persecution. They took everything very seriously.

It has become a tradition for MUCH to help financially to hold the camp. Thanks to its money, children have more fresh fruits and vegetables during the camp. Personally I want to thank those who support this ministry. Your financial gift helps not only children to have good nutrition, but also to be at the camp and enjoy it. From my own experience, I know that many children who have been at the camp one time, live the whole year with the hope that they will go to camp the next summer.

I think today many people realize how important it is to help such projects to be available. Children are our future. And it depends on us what future we will live tomorrow…

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