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From the first lines of my article I would like to congratulate you with the coming wonderful Christmas season and the New Year, 2010. May it be a time when you can reach out to many around you, and also personally experience the presence of our wonderful Savior and Lord.

Usually, December is the month when I begin to dream about the New Year and review the year that almost has passed. It brings to my mind how many good things I have done, and how many I haven’t but could… It gives me a strong desire to work better in the next year. Because of my work I have to read, speak and listen very much. I am always encouraged by good examples of other people.

I would like to tell you about one person who is not a child, but he helps children in need. His name is Anatoly Vlasov. If I am not mistaken he was the first person through whom God attracted Mark’s attention to the children of the Marganets orphanage. Since that time God has done a lot through the MUCH organization. Anatoly is one of the vessels of God. God does His work through this person there. Anatoly’s house is always open for strangers and his family is very hospitable. He is that person who knocks on the hearts of people of his small town where he lives.

Recently, it happened that this person needed help greatly. He needed to have an operation on one of his eyes. It was obvious that one of his eyes couldn’t see. When he wrote emails his letters were of a big size. The operation cost very much and he couldn’t raise enough money for it with his little pension.

I am very thankful to people who made it possible, who donated the required sum for his operation. You are a blessing for him. Today Anatoly can see with both eyes. On the day when he came back from the hospital he wrote to Mark and me to thank and to tell that he can see with that eye.

I know that God makes wonderful things and I am so praiseful to God that He has helped Anatoly to see a wonder.

Sometimes it is very difficult for me to see needs of others. Such help as this one always inspires me to do something for people in need. Today life is difficult and many people have locked their hearts and don’t want to see the needs of others. They need to have operations too, operations on their hearts. My prayer is for us to be able always to see needs of others and to be blessings for them…

Until next time,


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