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Hello family and friends,

As I write this newsletter, we are in the middle of grandmother’s summer. We had about two weeks of freezing temperatures, and now it has warmed up considerably. On Tuesday the 17th, I will travel to Poland to buy a new Ukrainian visa. I will stop on my way back to visit the children at the Dobromel orphanage.

Our Christmas Fundraiser is in full swing as December approaches!

Eastern Ukraine

In addition to our regular monthly support for clothing, shoes, jackets, boots, etc., four annual programs at Marganets Orphanage/School are changing the lives of our children. They are the Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program, the computer class, the massage program, and the music and dance program. These programs began as pilot projects, but they have shown such great results that MUCH started the Christmas Fund Raiser to maintain them.

The Transition Home in Marganets is a small project, but it builds self-image and dignity in a most fragile period in the lives of these children as they pass from difficult homes to the orphanage system. The children come having such basic needs as underclothing, socks and shoes.

Western Ukraine

At the Dobromel Orphanage, MUCH supports a great program for special children that is eight years old. With our help to buy clothing, shoes and food, Pastor Volodya can continue to brighten the lives of the children and change their futures in a spiritual, psychological and practical way.

Southwestern Ukraine

In Illichevsk, our massage therapy program has been underway for a number of years with outstanding results. Yet, many children with disabilities are still not receiving services. We hope to raise enough money to add a few more children to our program this year.

The total amount of the MUCH Christmas Fundraiser for 2009 is $5,270. If everyone who reads this newsletter were to contribute $20, less than dinner for two, about 300 of the 400 plus children that MUCH serves will be able to continue to receive the services provided through our 2008 Christmas Fundraiser.

I have given my life, my future, to help these children. Even so, I need help. Please look to God this Christmas Season and ask Him his desire for your gift giving. Imagine the joy that it is when God blesses through you!

Blessings of love and healing,


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