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Early intervention is a very new word combination in my native Ukrainian/Russian language. For many mothers whose children suffer from different disabilities, it is still unknown.

I thank God that in Illichevsk at the Massage Clinic many people know these words and understand how it works.

In the May Newsletter in “Ira’s Insights” I wrote about one little girl named Eve D., who has became a patient of the Massage clinic this year. God has put a desire in my heart to share some progress that she has for now. I want you to see “with my eyes” the result that children have at the clinic.

When Eve was born, she had some neurological problems and as a result she couldn’t do what children her age usually do. The neurologist saw the problem and very soon she had her first massage treatment at the Massage Clinic. Even after the first massage treatment the girl had great results. The mother followed the masseuse’s directions and did special exercises for her child between the massage treatments.

Today this girl has wonderful results. In spite she was born with some neurological problems and one of her legs is shorter, she can walk by herself today. She began to walk by herself just recently. It was a great surprise for her parents and the masseuse who works with her. The neurologist says that without early intervention this child would have had some serious problems in her physical development and could have received status of a disabled child, but thanks to the clinic she has avoid it.

The mother of Eve is sincerely very thankful to God for the opportunity for her daughter to have massage at the clinic. Today Eve is still the patient of MUCH. She has to continue to have massage treatment and exercises to improve the results that she has.

I hope you like the story that I have told you. It shows the real work and the real results of the Massage Clinic in the aspect of early intervention for children with disabilities. May God bless each person who has given his input in the progress of Eve and many other little patients.

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