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The Long Awaited Affirmation

While busy in my workshop, I heard the voice of my wife call,

It was time to eat, whether I was famished, or not hungry at all.

Her voice sounded so sweet, bringing joy to my heart, and to my face a big smile,

Our relationship, over the years, had grown many a mile.

This joy brought to mind that special relationship, between Jesus and His mom,

I imagined her calling Him to dinner each night, and how obediently He would come.

Enjoying together, the food that they would share,

Talking about their days, and how for each other they did care.

Finally, as His destination drew near,

His mother, Mary, remembered His beginning, His end, generating in her, fear.

Christmas was the beginning of something great,

But approaching Easter, it seemed to be a doomed fate.

Of course, that is not how the story would end,

It is not at all why the Father, His Son did send.

The prophecies of old, they told exactly, so precise,

How people would recognize the long awaited Christ.

He came, He fulfilled each and every prophecy about Himself,

Yet one more thing had to be done, before the book could be returned to the shelf.

As a man, only He could take our place, paying the penalty of sin,

To die the worst death, that would separate Him from His Father, deep within.

And while separated from His Father for those three days,

He put an end to spiritual death, for man to never again to die in these ways.

Jesus rose from the dead, mediating a new relationship between His Father and man,

Waiting to be received, to return us to the relationship with the Father, when time began.

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