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Hello family and friends,

Living in Illichevsk these past 5½ years, I have learned a new meaning of being thankful. I have lived in the same apartment for the entire time, most unusual in Ukraine. I have not had more than one encounter with the police. They are not considered public servants but are feared because of past abuse of authority. I have not had to use the Ukraine health care system, another discomfort of the people of Ukraine. I have been able to afford to pay a cook two days a week to improve my diet for the past two plus years. My personal and mission financial needs have been provided. This Thanksgiving, I have many reasons to be thankful. God has blessed our children and me abundantly. May your Thanksgiving be a filled with joy.

I often want to talk about one group of our children, saying that their needs are the greatest, but I can’t. In my heart of hearts, each group of children, each child has great needs in his or her life. Each child tugs at my heart. I see their needs first hand. As God leads me, I walk through the doors that He opens. This Christmas season, we are focusing on six programs within three of our five child groups. Two of these child groups are orphanages. During the six years that we have been working with the Marganets orphanage, we have learned quite a bit about the needs of the children. As we have pursued each need, we have learned the greatest need of the children. It is to be loved. Each of our programs projects our love for the children in a unique manner. One of our programs that we are asking for your support is the Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program. It is about much more than drugs and alcohol. Ira will tell you something more.

Enna, my new translator in Marganets, Olga, and I waded through flooding streets to get to the children for this first presentation. You can see the bottoms of Olga’s jeans (photo below) are soaked. We have a powerful opportunity to redirect the lives of our children through this program.

If you haven’t already, read about our Christmas Fundraiser – MUCH’s Goal is $3,620.

Blessings of love and healing,


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