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Hello family and friends,

Our Christmas Fundraiser spotlight is on Education and Healthcare!

Here is our list of items that we are seeking. The orphanage in Marganets needs craft material, the school in Marganets needs educational materials, vitamins and meds, the transition home in Marganets need vitamins and meds, and the orphanage in Dobromel needs camping equipment for environmental history studies.

1. Computer Tablets: 15 tablets = $3,390

2. Power Point Projector: 1 projector = $546

3. Wall maps for geography and history lessons for the classrooms

4 = $28
5 = $45
2 = $23

4. Wireless microphone

3 = $46

5.  Table diode-sandbox

1 = $188

6.  Vitamins and meds for one school year

1 School  & 1 Transition Home

7.  Craft material for one school year


8. Camping equipment

Total: $5,966

Our Christmas Fundraiser goal for this season is $5,966

The Christmas fundraiser is over and above the ongoing programs. This fundraiser is for the specific projects listed above.

100% of gifts received will be used for these projects. If more is received, it will be used for the ongoing programs.

We appreciate all donations, no matter what size.

Send a check to Mission Ukraine Children’s Hope.

Mission Ukraine Children’s Hope
11 Kingfisher Lane
Palm Coast, FL 32137
United States

Thank you for helping us facilitate the people of Ukraine to empower their own people. Thank you for giving us aid to change the future of Ukraine by enabling their children.

Thanks to all who use Smile Amazon. Mission Ukraine Children’s Hope has been issued a $42.75 donation from the AmazonSmile Foundation as a result of AmazonSmile program activity between July 1 and September 30, 2015. We appreciate your thinking of the children when you shop Amazon.

Sveta will share about an excursion that we took to better understand one reason why the children of the Dobromel orphanage needed camping gear. I think that you will find it very interesting!

Sveta’s Journey

Vladimir, director the orphanage in Dobromel took us to the historical places located near the city. It was an impressive tour of the famous places of Ukraine: the Castle of Herburtiv (click “allow” to translate) and salt mines of Salina. We were impressed by the grandeur of the castle in spite of the destruction over the years. It was very sad to hear the stories of the innocent people who died in the salt mines, the people who sought the truth and freedom for their country in the fight against communism.

Here is a brief description of these places which I copied from the Internet:

“In 1566, construction of the castle began on a very high and steep wooded hill, 1800 feet high. The castle had purely defensive purposes and was never intended for permanent residence. At one time this castle in Dobromel controlled important trade routes and served to protect the local population. The entrance to the main building was defended with a massive polygonal three-tiered gate. Inside the castle was a water well, allowing the people to withstand a long siege. The thickness of the wall reached six feet. It was not only a powerful reinforcement, but also a great residence. Living space with a well thought out plan was decorated with a gallery of generic portraits and allegorical paintings. During the XVIII century, a castle in times of danger was a refuge for local residents. The castle was built by Yang Herburtiv, a Polish political and literary figure. He selflessly defended the rights of the Ukrainian population, studied the history of the Ukrainian lands, wrote poems in the Ukrainian language, and contributed to the development of crafts in Dobromel.”

“For a long time the government suppressed the truth about everything that happened in the  Salina salt mines near Dobromel. In late June 1941 the troops of the NKVD committed mass killings of political prisoners. In just a week, the victims of the Soviet regime grew to 22,000 Ukrainians. Some were shot, most of them thrown alive into deep salt mines. Before that, the prisoners were subjected to severe torture. The mine was filled up to the top with human bodies.

Vladimir, director of the orphanage, asked us for 5 tents, 15 sleeping bags and 15 sleeping pads to spend time with children outdoors. For each child, it will be a wonderful and exciting journey. First, for children it is always an adventure to spend the night in a tent, eat food cooked on the fire, and to see the splendor of nature! Secondly, they will actually see the castle in which people lived and defended their city. They will see the salt mines. Children need to know the history of their country which for many years has been hidden from the people.

Tents, sleeping bags and mats are three of the items that MUCH is raising money for this years Christmas Fundraiser. Please help bring the history of the region of Dobromel alive in the lives of the children at the Dobromel Orphanage.

Living my dream,


Blessings of love and healing,

Mark and Sveta

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