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Thanks to your support, our dear friends.

The  massage therapy program for children in the Dobromel orphanage continues. Natasha also manages to provide massage therapy for children with disabilities in her private office in the city of Sambir. Mark and I were amazed at how Natasha has grown in experience as a massage therapist over the years. She continues to study and apply new technologies of massage, physical exercises, and acupuncture. 

In her private business, there is a speech therapist who works with children. This is a comprehensive approach to the treatment of children with speech problems. Parents are very satisfied, seeing the results of these treatments. For several children, Natasha gives massages for free. This is her charity for those in financial need. She is giving back to her country.

 The training of children in the Dobromel Orphanage to master the keyboard and computer also continues. It is very useful for children with special needs. Luba, their teacher, has the opportunity to help children whose physical development corresponds to their age. More importantly, she works with children who are intellectually underdeveloped.

Children expand their understanding of the world around them. Luba wrote in the report: “Yura is a very modest and calm boy. He reads syllable by syllable, and therefore does not always understand the content of what he reads. But he draws, sculpts, designs and embroiders beautifully. After a few months of interacting with the computer class environment, Yura began to read much better. He is already typing text from a book to the screen comfortably and quickly. Until recently, he needed a special approach. He was very quiet and did not communicate much with others. But now he has completely changed. He has begun to communicate with everyone, finding common topics. He also began to study better.” This is a big plus to his creative personality.

 We visited ten-year-old Ira in the city of Chornomorsk. She has been a little patient of Dr. Natalia for several years. The girl’s mother was incredibly grateful when MUCH bought a gastrostomy tube for her daughter. It needs to be changed every 6 months. She conveyed her heartfelt thanks.

  For Andrii and Tanya, in the village of Balovne, MUCH purchased a large professional dough mixer for the mini-bakery. One of the two mixers that we bought last year broke down and cannot be repaired. The new mixer prepares three times the amount of the others.

   MUCH allocates monthly financial support for (4) small churches and for two volunteers in Mykolaiv and Kharkiv. They used your financial gifts for various needs of people: food, clean drinking water, medicine, seeds for the garden, baking bread and pies for soldiers in the hospital, and transportation. Last year, they helped to pay off the debt for utility bills for three impoverished families.

  All these people are very grateful to you and to God for such grace. I will say from my experience that when I do good for people and tell them that this is the love of Jesus, I see how trust and hope in the Lord  appear in them. It is a great joy to show people the love of God the Father!

 You also gave financial gifts that bought gasoline for the delivery of clean drinking water to the village of Afanasivka 3 times a week. These gifts will be enough for 6 months. Thank you!

We love all of you for being who you are. Your gifts are doing so much for so many here in Ukraine. We are blessed by your friendship and are inspired by your selfless giving. Because God and all of you we have a great results!

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